Residents raised their concerns after a sign was posted on a popular walking route.

The sign at Collis Close Park on Beacon Hill, Newark says “Private ownership, no trespassing – on behalf of Newark Property Company Ltd” is in the dark.

Andy Goldschmidt from Newark said he wanted to know why it was there.

Sign posted on popular hiking route (47111167)

Andy said, “Are they stopping us from taking advantage of the lovely green space, and does that have to do with the development you want outside of Clay Lane?

“I thought it was a public right of way?”

Another resident, who chose to remain anonymous, said those who live in the area are concerned.

“The area has been designated as a landscape park in the local plan,” they said.

Sign posted on popular hiking route (47111182)Sign posted on popular hiking route (47111182)

“However, signs have been put up to prevent access to key environmental areas north of Clay Lane.”

David Lloyd, Chairman of Newark and Sher-Wood District Council, said, “The southern slopes of Beacon Hill have been a strategic location in the Core Strategy Development Plan for the past ten years.

“This calls for houses to be built on the agricultural land south of the Mud Road and for the southern slopes of Beacon Hill to be turned into a landscaped park.

“The southern slopes of Beacon Hill remain private property, although residents have clearly been walking on these hills for many years, but they are not public property.

“With regard to the signs themselves, officials from the council’s planning enforcement team have reviewed the signs and have concluded that the size / position meets the relevant criteria within the relevant display regulations. Therefore, the Council cannot require their removal if this was in fact accepted.

“It should also be noted that the landowners on the various parcels of the southern slopes of Beacon Hill have had such marks for several years.

“I am in the process of getting clarity from businesses and landowners that these signs are recreating previous signs and not causing residents to lose access to recreational facilities that they are currently enjoying.

“I am aware of the speculation that this could mean that development proposals will be submitted, but I am not currently aware of any such activity.”