The City of Newark partners with the largest national recycling education network to encourage more residents to recycle.

The recycling education network called Recycle Coach is now making Newark’s recycling program more accessible online.

Jayme Gravell, Newark City’s chief communications officer, explains that users can interact with the Recycle Coach app in a number of ways.

“Our residents can download the app and receive push notifications – reminders of when their recycling and rubbish will be picked up,” Gravell said. “If a resident has a question about which item is recyclable, there is a function in it.” App – it’s called “What’s going where?”

Gravell says, “What’s going where?” Allows people to enter keywords like plastic straws or Christmas trees, and lets them know if the item is recyclable or rubbish.

Gravell said the Recycle Coach partnership was made possible by a $ 5,900 grant from the Recycling Public Advisory Council, administered by DNREC.

The partnership has a term of three years and is fully funded from the grant. Gravell says if the city wants to continue the program after that, it will have to pay for it.

The “Recycle Coach” app can be downloaded free of charge and is available from the iTunes Store and Google Play.