There’s a specific reason the 49ers re-signed River Cracraft.

It’s not because he’s a good wide-angle receiver – he only caught four passes last season.

And not because he has a lot of talent or potential – he was a vacant free agent in 2018 and was already on the roster of three teams – the Broncos, Eagles and 49ers.

The reason the 49ers re-signed Cracraft is because of Kyle Shanahan’s ego.

I will explain.

It was Shanahan’s ego that led the 49ers to take action against Dante Pettis in 2018. Then it was Shanahan’s ego that kept Pettis on the roster for more than two seasons, even though it was clear he was broke.

Shanahan’s ego seemed nervous that if the 49ers cut Pettis, another team would sign him and he would reverse his career, which would make Shanahan’s ego look bad.

But when it became clear that Pettis couldn’t even counter kickoffs for the 49ers, that he was completely useless, Shanahan’s ego eventually gave up on him and instead kept Cracraft. And the New York Giants immediately asked Pettis to resign.

So Shanahan’s ego has to hold onto Cracraft, at least until the giants get rid of Pettis. Because Shanahan’s ego needs to make sure Cracraft catch one more pass than Pettis the next season just so Shanahan’s ego can say he was right to get Pettis on for an uncovered free agent.

Therefore, last season Cracraft had five catches while Pettis had four. And that’s why Cracraft is still on the 49ers. His playing time will depend on how often the Giants use Pettis in the next season.

I wish I was joking