Let’s be very clear.

The 49ers don’t need an experienced quarterback because they have nowhere to go for the next season. You missed your Super Bowl window. You need to reload.

Start a rookie quarterback or Josh Rosen. Who wins a quarterback competition.

The 49ers aren’t bad, but they play in the toughest league of their conference. The NFC West is stacked. The Rams are getting better now, the Cardinals are getting better while Kyler Murray is getting better, and the Seahawks are the Seahawks – they’re good for at least 10 wins a season.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the division’s worst starting quarterback. Even if the 49ers kept him, they would likely finish fourth in NFC West next season. Even if the 49ers acted against Matt Ryan or Kirk Cousins ​​or Derek Carr in some way, what would their advantage be? They would still have the worst quarterback in the division and would likely be last for the next season.

The 49ers are a year behind the Rams, who were 9-7 for the last two seasons. That’s how good the 49ers are right now. At best, they would get into the playoffs as a wild card team and lose.

That said, the 49ers should build for 2022. Get a shipload of young, healthy talent. Trade with Garoppolo now. Get what you can for him. Or cut it and save $ 25 million in space. That is also a good compromise. Let him return to the patriots and throw them to their terrible recipients.

The 49ers can afford to start an inexperienced quarterback next season, and they should start an inexperienced quarterback so they can accelerate his growth and get him ready to fight for a Super Bowl in 2022, whether it’s Rosen or a rookie.

Develop the future. The Revenge Tour flopped. Go on.