SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The new home stay restrictions will go into effect after 10:00 PM on Sunday in San Francisco. This means that restaurants, playgrounds, zoos, and outdoor personal services will have to cease operations.

Unless something changes, today was the last Saturday outdoors in 2020 in San Francisco.

“Last hurray,” said San Francisco-based Amun Tumber.

Tumber’s family heard the news and decided to go on a San Francisco food tour.

“The ferry building went to North Beach and we’re going to end up in the mission,” said Tumber.

Almost every seat outside in North Beach was occupied. Natale Cardamone, the general manager of Tony’s Pizzeria, says the generosity of the people who tip larger than usual tips gives them hope if they plan to survive after Jan 4th, when the restrictions are to end.

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“This is going to be another huge achievement for us, especially after putting so much money, time and effort into doing all of this. Including the Parkets,” said Cardamone.

Many parents and children in San Franciscan have also struggled with the thought of a second order at home, which means no playgrounds.

“First of all the school was very frustrated and now I hear that I can’t even come and take my child to the park. Very frustrated,” said parent David Penney.

“It’s devastating because I think they still remember what it was like before things opened up,” said parent Sarah Kliban.

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It’s even more difficult to tell the little one the news.

“I find it very sad,” replied 6-year-old Erly Penney.

“Well, I think it’s a bummer, but at least I’ll have my skateboard,” said 8-year-old Antonella Germano.

“Very, very frustrating. It’s really annoying that I have to wait until 2021 to be able to play on a playground again,” said 7-year-old Benjamin Kliban.

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Phil Ginsburg is the general manager of the San Francisco Recreation and Park division. Ginsburg is concerned about the long-term impact more closings will have on children.

“Children who don’t have time in a playground that’s gone forever. It affects their social development, problem-solving skills, and creativity. This has been a very difficult year for children and I would love to see that we give them priority. ” comes to weigh things up, “said Ginsburg.

Ginsburg questions the decision of the state.

Luz Pena: “Do you hope that the state will check this again?”

Phil Ginsburg: “I hope the state reviews this again. I think there are a number of lawmakers in Southern California who have asked the state to review this. I know there are locally elected officials who hope for this to be checked again. We have to. ” continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our state children. “

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