An update of the district council’s open space assessment and strategy will help identify areas in need of improvement.

Matthew Norton, business manager, planning policy for Newark and Sherwood District Council, said that understanding what future open space provisioning would require requires standards of provision to be developed.

Mr. Norton said, “We understand the importance of understanding our open spaces from both a planning and an investment perspective.

Cedar Avenue playing field. Photo credit: Google Maps (13938717)

“We want to go to the public consultation in spring and summer.”

The report assesses the current availability of open space in the district, how good it is, and how it could be improved.

Keith Girling, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, said, “The big factor about this document is its usefulness for planning. So if a developer comes to the county council to say we want to do this, we can use the document to say “Yes you can, but you must provide this”.

“That’s a really important part of this document

“It’s not about telling where we are flawed, but about finding out how we can improve where we are flawed.

“That is a great power of this document.”

Roger Blaney said residents should be advised that sports offerings are not covered by the document.

He said: “Sports fields are covered by a separate playing field strategy and it is important to stress this point when we go into the consultation so that we do not get responses worrying about the number of soccer fields.

“It would also be wise to assess the open space, but also identify which areas could benefit from grants.”

Neal Mitchell said the assessment is a great way to analyze clearances before making future changes.

“Some of the concepts are difficult to understand, but some of the methodologies for future changes are difficult to understand. I look forward to seeing the final document and making it available to the public,” he said.