NEWARK, NJ – An unattended bag caused authorities to evacuate a terminal at Newark Airport on Saturday night, Port Authority Police said Sunday.

According to the police, the bag was discovered around 5 p.m. on Level 1 of Terminal C.

Authorities quickly evacuated the terminal while police examined the bag.

Drop-offs and collections were rerouted to Level 3 of the terminal, but the evacuation still caused confusion among travelers unsure of why they were being asked to leave the building.

Tim Lockwood and his family had just disembarked from a flight out of Austin, Texas and were being directed to lower level baggage collection when police suddenly ordered them to evacuate.

“There’s no information, it was a mess,” Lockwood said.

Another traveler, Peter Ciano, also said he had not been told anything and had given orders to leave.

Hundreds of people were forced outside while Port Authority police investigated the suspicious package.

“You always want more information, but by that point it was either waiting outside or you knew baggage claim was going to be a disaster,” Lockwood said. “I live 25 minutes away so I thought, ‘Let me go home, eat something and hopefully come back, hopefully my bags will be there.’

After the terminal reopened, travelers searched for their luggage and drove home.

Port authority police said the unattended bag had been vacated and classified as no threat shortly after 6 p.m. “Shortly after,” normal airport operations resumed, a department spokesman said on Sunday.

“The safety of our customers and airport employees [is] of highest importance. We take these reports very seriously and are careful to follow the protocols when we receive them, ”said the spokesman.

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