NEWARK – Some tense moments at Newark Liberty International Airport on Saturday.

“We weren’t told anything,” said passenger Peter Ciano.

It was just after 5 p.m. on Saturday night when fellow traveler Tim Lockwood and his family had just disembarked from a flight from Austin, Texas to Newark Liberty. They were on their way to baggage claim on the lower level when Lockwood suddenly said the Port Authority police had evacuated everyone from Terminal C.

“There’s no information, it was a mess,” Lockwood said.

Thousands were forced outside while Port Authority police investigated reports of a suspicious package.

“You always want more information, but by then you either had to wait outside or you knew baggage claim was going to be a disaster,” Lockwood said. “I live 25 minutes away so I thought, ‘Let me go home, eat something and hopefully come back, hopefully my bags will be there.’

After Terminal C reopened hours later, after a difficult night at the airport for the Lockwood family and thousands of others, passengers searched their bags and drove home.

The port authority police have still not responded to requests for comment on what exactly happened at Terminal C.

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