NEWARK, NJ – The Roseville Community Charter School hosted a Holiday Food Ride today that distributed gift cards and bags of groceries to families in need.

The charter school distributed ShopRite gift cards to 21 families, as well as boxes of groceries donated by ShopRite on Springfield Avenue and Seabras in the Ironbound. It also gave a $ 200 Walmart gift card to a family with significant needs.

“We pride ourselves on teaching our scholars the importance of community and citizenship,” said Dr. Dionne Ledford, the manager of the K-4 elementary school, which has 330 students. “This non-profit initiative supports that philosophy by putting what we teach every day into action, and the fact that this action is being carried out on behalf of our own needy families during this difficult time makes it even more special.”

Ledford said the vacation food ride was coordinated by top class teacher Savy Gusciora, who was delighted after seeing the great needs of her families after a Thanksgiving food distribution.

“There was so much turnout that the school sadly ran out of food to give to multiple families who came later that day,” Ledford said. “This sparked a strong desire to ensure that RCCS families have plenty to eat for the upcoming holidays.”

Gusciora hand delivered letters directly to several local supermarkets in the Newark area. Within a few days, she heard from ShopRite and Seabras. In addition, the school raised more than $ 1,100.00 from the community in just a few days.

According to Ledford, ShopRite is also offering a 5% discount on future grocery purchases from RCCS families and a 10% discount on the gift cards.

“I am very grateful for the partnerships that have been formed with both ShopRite and Seabras of Newark,” said Gusciora. “They have been so accommodating, and ShopRite even asked that we contact them for future charitable projects.”