A woman who has always wanted to raise money for charities in need is finally making the leap.

Vanessa Allsop of Newark partnered with the Children’s Bereavement Center for a grand piano walk on June 12th.

Vanessa decided this would be the charity to benefit from their efforts after hearing about the center’s incredible work.

Vanessa Allsop and son Jack. (45271868)

“Do you ever think of yourself? I wish I could do more to help others and change the world?” Vanessa said. “Well, I do this all too often. I am happy to announce that I will be raising as much money as possible for the children’s grief center in a wing walk.

“People who have been through such things, my heart goes out to all children and families – especially to the insecurity that prevails in the world.

“People will face huge losses in their lives from people who were very important to them.

Wing walk with the grief center for children.Wing walk with the grief center for children.

“I haven’t had the heartbreaking heartbreak of losing someone, but there are so many out there who have. I’ve really thought about what these families are going through and how difficult it must be for them to come to terms with death.

“The charity is just amazing and they do so much. I recently found out that the center not only helps children involved in bereavement, but also their families.

“I’ve seen a lot of inspiration and ads on Facebook from people who are fundraising.

“As a very active person, I am always on the move and on the move. So doing a challenge while walking wouldn’t necessarily be a challenge. I wanted to do something that was a little more extreme, something outside of my comfort zone. “

The children’s grief center supported their fundraising campaigns.

She said, “The fundraising manager Rachel was very easy to talk to and very comforting. She said ‘Vanessa it’s okay – we have that’ since she signed up too.

“The charity offers so much help. You give the children a comfort bear to keep, take them with you on small days and make sure that there is always a professional to talk to. “

After registering, Vanessa had to reassure her eight-year-old son Jack that she would be safe on the wing of an airplane.

“The first time I told him he said, ‘Oh no, what if something bad happens? ‘He hasn’t been on a plane himself and it’s a little worrying for him,’ she said.

“He thinks I’m an idiot. I hope he comes to watch, but it’s a bit of 50-50 right now.

“My stepfather Andy, after finding out I would do it, said he was proud of me for doing something for others.”

As a dinner lady at the King’s Church of England Elementary School in Newark, Vanessa has always enjoyed working with food. But during the lockdown, she discovered a talent for baking.

She has now decided to raffle a cake every few weeks – all funds will go to the mourning center.

Cake by Vanessa Allsop.  (45274579)Cake by Vanessa Allsop. (45274579)

“During the lockdown, I found that I was pretty adept at baking. There will be a different cake each time to keep people busy, ”she said.

“I was very interested in the raffle and the tickets are on sale from Saturday to Saturday.

“I am now thinking about raising more donations for baking in the future.”

To donate to Vanessa’s fundraiser, go to https://buff.ly/2P5VvXO

You can find more information about the cake raffles at https://buff.ly/3vG0v6e