Retrospective plans for two traveler parking spaces in the Newark countryside have been approved as no locations have been made available for such communities in the district.

The lack of parking space for the Newark and Sherwood District Council’s traveler and gypsy community was instrumental in the planning committee’s decision.

The proposal envisaged a change of use for the location of residential caravans on land between Chesnut Lodge and Chesnut House on Barnby Road.

Newark Castle House building of the Newark & ​​Sherwood Council. (4164236)

The Balderton and Barnby-in-the-Willows Town Councils, as well as the Nottinghamshire Motorways, objected, largely because it was an open landscape with no footpaths or bike paths.

Executive Director Lisa Hughes said, “Members will be aware of the challenges related to gypsy and traveler websites. Seventy-seven parking spaces are required. We are trying to find locations and have gone to the community to move forward any available land.

“The occupiers moved out of Tolney Lane. We are conservative and say that there will be a place available after the move. “

Planning member Laurence Goff said: “I support the application because of the lack of websites for travelers and we have a duty of care wherever it is necessary.”

Colleague Maureen Dobson said her concern was that it was an open landscape. She said, “We don’t seem to be able to speak to the gypsy and tour group and tell them not to do things after the fact. We have to find suitable places.

“You’re leaving Tolney Lane, this piece of land is pretty close to the river and it’s flooding. I would have thought that this area would have more than one parking space. “

Ms. Dobson added the website was far from any facilities or amenities.

“We ignore highways,” she said. “We keep complaining about them, but this time they said why they object.”

The plans were carried out provided the applicant extended access to the site to allow one vehicle to pass another.