Original two-tower design of the Halo in Newark from 2018. The new design adds a third tower and hundreds of other residential units. Rendering via Minno Wasko.

New details on plans for an even larger version of one of the largest development projects to be proposed recently for Downtown Newark are expected to be released during an upcoming public hearing.

In February, the Newark City Government received an application for a preliminary, final site plan and approval of the subdivision with deviations, according to which the proposed complex called “The Halo” should include three towers with a total of 949 residential units. The “platform parking structure” of the complex would offer 375 parking spaces according to document.

Files released by the City of Newark show that developer 289-301 Washington Street Urban Renewal, LLC is attempting to divide the same-named 6,621-acre property on the outskirts of the city’s central business district into three areas in order to develop the modified version of The Halo .

One of the towers would be 46 stories high and contain 360 units while another would be 42 stories high and contain 292 units, according to a zoning form. The final structure would consist of 38 floors and 297 units.

According to a March 10 report by city staff, these towers would be 485 to 565 feet tall if the halo were to come into play. This makes them one of the tallest buildings in the state outside of Jersey City and Atlantic City.

The report says “garden level” and “sky level” amenities would be provided as part of each structure, resulting in a total of 10,794 square feet of “outdoor facilities” space. There would be reportedly 533 studios, 255 one-bedroom units, and 161 two-bedroom units, but the proposed pricing for these units has not yet been publicly announced.

As Jersey Digs first reported nearly three years ago, the previous plan for 289-301 Washington Street included two 40-story buildings connected by a five-story base, resulting in a 594-unit complex.

“An application for a similar, albeit smaller, site plan without subdivision was approved by the central planning authority in September 2018,” the report said. “This project has not progressed.”

The latest filing indicates that 289-301 Washington Street Urban Renewal, LLC is registered at an address in Lakewood and lists Moshe Glatzer as an executive member of the company.

This matter is due to be dealt with in their virtual session on Monday, March 15 at 6:00 p.m. in front of the Newark Central Planning Board

Notice to Readers: The dates on which motions from the Newark Central Planning Board and other commissions are to be heard are subject to change.