NEWARK – Eclectic or multifaceted describes The Curators’ Barn. It is the family business of David and Sandra Arruda and their two married daughters Sarah Reed and Heather Clevenger.

“We all have a creative thread and love to do things,” explained Sandra. “We value antiques and vintage items, the history and the people behind them. We value each other. It seemed natural to create something together every six months. We don’t see this as a job or a career, it’s more of something that holds us together. These opportunities are fleeting, so hold on to when they come and make the most of them. “

They founded The Curators’ Barn in 2019.

“Curating means carefully choosing the most meaningful and special pieces,” Sandra continued. “I think there were a few reasons it felt right. One of them is the “throw away” mentality that we noticed. It’s nice to be creative and at the same time feel like we’re breathing life into pieces that might otherwise be passed over. Another reason is that four of us are contributing – mother, father and two grown daughters. We are the curators and it is our barn. “

A mix of vintage and handcrafted items can be seen at The Curators' Barn on March 30, 2021 in Newark, Ohio.  The Curators' Barn is a pop-up store that focuses on selling an eclectic mix of handmade, repurposed and vintage items.

Sandra (Robinette) Arruda and her husband David both graduated from Utica High School and have lived in Newark for 30 years. David grew up in a military family and grew up in different places. He left the city of Columbus / Division of Fire. Heather visited Kent State with a focus on fashion merchandising. Sarah went to Ohio to study art. For a while, Sandra had a specialty in wallcovering and painting.

“While I sense trends, I don’t think that should determine your style,” said Sandra. “My specialty is finishing our grand pianos, moons and furniture. I also make jewelry. I’ve always valued antiques and art – my home is my canvas, it has always been that way. I think that seeps through what I’m doing now. “

“Find out what makes you happy and do it,” she continued. “Be inspired. Be unique. We carry items that I think will fill this niche. We had etchings by Salvador Dali, early 19th century oil paintings, and various promotional memorabilia. We don’t just buy antiques / vintage items and throw them on the floor. Pieces are cared for with love. Here you will find a variety of handcrafted items, hand-drawn angel wings and moons made of wood, original works of art, ceramics and jewelry – there is always something new on the horizon! “

(Right to left) Heather Clevenger from Granville, Sarah Reed from Pataskala, and their mother and father Sandy and David Arruda from Newark stand in the pole barn where the four of them own a store called The Curators' Barn on March 30, 2021 on Newark, Ohio.  The Curators' Barn is a pop-up store focused on selling an eclectic mix of handmade, repurposed and vintage items.

“Our leatherwork is handcrafted by my husband from start to finish, one hand-sewn piece at a time,” she added. “He’s the backbone of the business, the fixer. From carving part of his barn for our pop-up sales, to keeping our one-of-a-kind finds in tip-top shape, to indulging his wife and daughters in their creative dreams, he’s the guy. “

“I find the whole process both rewarding and relaxing,” said David. “I like the feel of the leather in my hands, even the way it smells. I’m detail-oriented so it’s a good craft for me. “

“It’s a love of creating and a love of restoring beauty,” summarized Sandra. “It’s something I share with the people I love most. It couldn’t be better. “

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