Sam Ford / The Review
Both the University of Delaware Police Department and the Newark Police Department will deploy additional officers to patrol the streets.

Senior reporter

Simultaneously with the return of students for the spring semester and the rise in COVID-19 statistics, both the University of Delaware Police Department (UDPD) and Newark Police Department (NPD) will deploy additional officers to patrol the streets.

Lieutenant Andrew Rubin of the NPD said that while there are no additional officers on the streets, the NPD Special Forces will be instructed to enforce what Rubin calls “violations of law and order,” such as public poisoning or loud parties. The special operations department deals with various problems that “arise”, according to Rubin.

“All of the people on the street right now have the same number, but while this special unit may be working, I’ll give you an example – last month they had been doing some kind of traffic monitoring where there was an increase in stop sign violations at this place or drag racing or something like that, ”said Rubin. “This unit, one of their jobs is to solve problems that arise … So they could be on the streets this month to enforce law enforcement violations.”

Rubin said the NPD is generally seeing an increase in breach of order violations this time of year.

In addition to assigning street patrol to the special unit, Rubin said all officials are aware of the recent surge in COVID-19 statistics and that the NPD will do its part to help enforce those numbers by enforcing city ordinances regarding illegal ones Keep gatherings low.

“We’re going to do our part to keep the numbers down, and if it’s part of keeping the big gatherings down then we will,” said Rubin. “Officials are aware of the increase in COVID cases and the spread of large gatherings. So one of our jobs is to keep these large gatherings down.”

According to Rubin, NPD will continue to work with UDPD to enforce guidelines related to coronavirus.

“We obviously worked with the university police forever,” said Rubin. “So it’s no different, it’s just a COVID problem as opposed to a minor drinking problem or something like that.”

UDPD Captain Jason Pires said the department will reassign officers from other departments and increase the number of officers enforcing city and university guidelines regarding COVID-19.

“It’s not really an upgrade; It’s more of a reallocation of resources, ”Pires said. “So we took officers from different units and got them working with Newark PD to address some of the off-campus behaviors that are fueling some of these rising numbers.”

Both Rubin and Pires said they couldn’t share how many officers they will add to patrols, but Pires said they will focus on areas in Newark that appear to be more active according to their dates.

“We actually looked at hard data to determine where and at what time much of this activity was happening, and we used that to conduct these patrols …” Pires said. “There certainly seem to be areas [where] We have more service requests than in other parts of the city. This is usually north of Main Street … it seems like a hub of activity. “

Pires believes additional officials will result in a reduction in illegal gatherings, but not necessarily a reduction in COVID-19 statistics. He hopes everyone will do their part to return to some kind of normalcy soon.

“I think it will definitely reduce the number of illegal gatherings,” said Pires. “We can only do as much with the COVID situation as the police … We do know, however, that certain things are due to the spread of COVID and the data and all information we have received shows that these gatherings are outside of the Campus taking place – the rallies – are the ones that ascribe to this. So I think we’re going to have an impact on collecting, and we just hope everyone is doing their part to COVID and is responsible for social distancing [and] Masks as we try to get out of this pandemic. “