Proposed four-story self-storage in Ivy Hill, West Ward, Newark.

New development may be planned for a location near one of the largest apartment complexes in Newark, but no further residential units are planned for the area.

Ivy Hill Section I, LLC filed an application with the City of Newark for the Ivy Hill Park Apartments to build a new warehouse on Irvington Avenue and Manor Drive.

Ivy Hill Self Storage Newark Rendering 3Self-storage is located on the corner of Irvington Avenue and Manor Drive by the Ivy Hill Park Apartments.

The proposed complex would be four stories high, have a floor area of ​​121,828 square feet, and a dozen parking spaces, according to files released by the Newark City Government.

Mark Moskowitz is named as President of Ivy Hill Park Section 1, LLC on the filing disclosure statement, while Wendy Moskowitz is named as the company’s registered agent.

Ivy Hill Self Storage Newark RenderingThe self-storage would total 121,828 square meters and include parking spaces.

The application lists the current use of the property as the “ancillary parking and waste area” for the apartment complex, but notes that the developer intends to subdivide one of the areas. One of the two newly created properties would contain the self-storage center, while the other, according to the document, “will sell existing parking and garbage areas”.

The location in question is in one of the farthest corners of Newark on the outskirts of the Ivy Hill neighborhood in the West Ward near the Maplewood and South Orange parish lines.

Ivy Hill Self Storage Newark Rendering 4The site is on the outskirts of Ivy Hill in the West Ward near the parish lines of Maplewood and South Orange.

This matter is due to be heard by the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment during a special session on Monday March 8th if the applicant seeks a number of deviations. The meeting is expected to begin at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom

If this project is approved and then built, it would by far not be the only self-storage complex developed in the Newark area in recent years.

Within the city limits, additional storage replaced the former imperial laundry building on Gould Avenue while the old James A. Banister Company shoe factory next to the Newark Light Rail Orange Street stop was adaptively converted into a subway haul location.

Notice to Readers: The dates on which applications are to be discussed by the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment and other commissions are subject to change.