In banking, NSF means insufficient funds. On Rihanna’s just released album ?? Anti, ?? These letters represent three swear words that the singer casually throws out from song to song. The R-rated disc is definitely not family friendly, but it has some advantages.

Rihanna does some pretty ballads in “Never Ending”. Love in the brain and ?? Near you? but fills most of ?? Anti ?? with sucker how ?? Woo, ?? ?? Yes i said it? ?? Sex with me ?? and ?? Better kiss it. ?? Two years later, the album isn’t much better than the singles Rihanna recently released (which bombed and didn’t make the CD).

I am in the minority here. I’m not impressed with how little clothing Rihanna wears in public and on stage. Most people are apparently as the singer is scheduled to perform at the Prudential Center at 165 Mulberry Street in Newark on Saturday nights and at the Wells Fargo Center at 3601 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia on Sunday.

These large venues should almost be filled with fans eager to hear “Umbrella”. ??Stay,?? ??Deaf,?? ??Job?? and ?? Diamonds. ?? And those are just a few of the pieces in their 27-song set. Also expect to hear most of the new album.

Show time at Prudential is 7:30 PM. Tickets: $ 30.50 to $ 170. Information: 973-854-8760.

Wells Fargo show time is 7:30 PM. Tickets: $ 40.50 to $ 161. Information: 800-298-4200.


Keyboardist Gregg Allman has been around for a long time. With his guitarist brother Duane, they formed a band called The Kings in 1960. After trying their hand at albums and session work, they eventually formed the Allman Brothers, a band that combined gospel, rock, blues, and country sounds into what would later become known as Southern Rock.

Allman had tremendous success with the Allman Brothers Band in the 1970s and 1980s, but eventually settled the Allman Brothers in 2014 with a series of shows at the Beacon Theater in New York. He is now touring solo, with a Friday night layover at the Tower Theater on 69th & Ludlow Streets in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

His last CD release was in 2015? Gregg Allman Live: Back to Macon, GA, 2014, ?? What is a tribute to the Allmans? old stamped ground. The CD with two CDs and 16 songs has favorites like “Statesboro Blues”. ?? Whip mail, ?? ?? Melissa ?? and ?? Midnight Rider. ??

Allman’s Friday concert was to follow and cover many pieces by Allman Brothers, including “Dreams”. ??South,?? ?? shine of soul ?? and the favorites above.

Show time: 8 p.m. Tickets: $ 34.50. Information: 215-352-2887.


Instrumental guitarists are few and far between these days as the top 40 radios just don’t play them. A few weeks ago the best female guitarist, Kaki King, came through town. This Wednesday, Joe Satriani, one of the finest male guitarists, will perform at the Keswick Theater at 291 N. Keswick Ave., Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Satriani’s 15th studio album Shockwave Supernova was released last year with the songs “Lost in a Memory”. On Peregrine Wings? San Francisco Blue? ?? Scarborough Stomp ?? and ?? When there is no heaven ??

Concert goers can expect a 23-song set of oldies like “Flying in a Blue Dream”. Not from this earth? ?? Surfing with the Alien ?? and ?? Satch Boogie ?? plus some new pieces.

Show time: 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $ 45 to $ 69.50. Information: 215-572-7650.


Young music fans may not know Chad & Jeremy, a soft rock duo that peaked during the Beatles? Heyday. After the Beatles made it big in America and TV shows needed a British act, Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde were the people to talk to. You can see them on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” as the British singers are hidden with Rob and Laura Petrie, for example.

The duo, who will perform at the Sellersville Theater on Saturday at 24 W. Temple Ave., Sellersville, Pennsylvania, averaged 11 Hot 100 singles on Billboard magazine, with an average of 43 for songs like “Yesterday’s Gone.” ?? ?? A summer song ?? Willow is crying for me and ?? If i loved you ??

But those singles came between 1964 and 1966. After that, Chad & Jeremy struggled to keep up with the changing sounds of pop music in the late 1960s. Her next step was the publication of “Von Kohl und Königen”. a 1967 album meant to challenge the Beach Boys? ?? Pet Sounds ?? and the Beatles? Sgt. Pepper. ?? It failed, but is it still an interesting one? Lost album? 1960s. Songs included ?? The Progress Suite, ?? ??Rest in peace,?? ?? Busman ?? s vacation ?? and ?? Family way. ??

For Friday’s show, expect an overview of the duo’s albums, all of which are now available, plus a cover or two.

Show time: 8 p.m. Tickets: $ 33 to $ 45. Information: 215-257-5808.


The St. Germain concert planned for Friday in the Electric Factory has been canceled. Refunds are available at the time of purchase. The Bad Plus concert planned for Sunday at the Sellersville Theater has also been canceled. Refunds at the time of purchase.


Thursday: Plainsong (with Iain Matthews), Sellersville Theater, 8 p.m., $ 21.50-29.50; Melanie Martinez, Starland Ballroom, sold out; Boy Wonder, Live Arts Theater, 7 p.m., $ 13; Mantis Records Showcase Night, Various Acts, Balcony, 7 p.m., $ 12-15.

Friday: Celtic Woman, American Music Theater, 8 p.m., $ 84; Diana Ross, Borgata Casino Event Center, sold out; Evolution (Travel Tribute), Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino, 7pm, $ 15-25; Tom Rush, Sellersville, 8, $ 35 to $ 50; Consumables, Stone Pony, 7 p.m., $ 18-20; Nghtmre, TLA, 8 p.m., $ 22-27; Carrie Rodriguez, Tin Angel, 8 p.m., $ 16; Goapele, World Café Live, 8 p.m., $ 24-32.

Saturday: Celtic Woman, American Music Theater, 8 p.m., $ 84; Yanni, Borgata Casino Event Center, sold out; Giada Valenti, Keswick Theater, 8 p.m., $ 35 to $ 125; Louie DeVito, Starland Ballroom, 8 p.m., $ 20 to $ 100; Willie Nile, stone pony, 7 p.m., $ 20-25; Disturbed, TLA, 8 p.m., $ 39.50; Dog Show Blues, Tin Angel, 8 p.m., $ 10; Holy Holy, Tower Theater, 8:30 p.m., $ 29.50- $ 59.50; Brand Nubian, Lost Boyz, Special Ed, Kwame, Das EFX, Roxanne Shante, Trocadero, 8 p.m., $ 40 to $ 75; Patti LaBelle, Tropicana Casino, 8 p.m., $ 55 to $ 125; Edward Sharpe, World Café Live, sold out.

Sunday: Celtic Woman, 3 p.m., $ 84; Ethan Bortnick, Sellersville, 3:00 p.m., $ 29.50-45; Showcase concert, various bands, Stone Pony, 2 p.m., $ 10 to $ 12; Teddy Thompson, Tin Angel, 7:30 p.m., $ 16.

Monday: Andrew Bird, Electric Factory, 8 p.m., $ 30; Charlie Puth, TLA, 8 p.m., $ 20.

Tuesday: Uli Jon Roth, Jennifer Batten, Andy Timmons, Sellersville, 8 p.m., $ 25-40; Heather Nova, Tin Angel, 8 p.m., $ 20; Pokey LaFarge, World Café Live, 8 p.m., $ 18-20.

Wednesday: Earth, Wind, & Fire, Chicago, Hershey Park Giant Center, 7:30 p.m., $ 39.50- $ 99.50; Tommy Castro, Sellersville, 8 p.m., $ 25- $ 39.50.

Marty Franzen is a freelance writer.