Police took action when they discovered men handling a safe in Newark Market Place on Friday night.

Fears of a break-in could be that officers duly and promptly intervened and reportedly stopped a JCB as it hit the cobblestones.

However, they quickly discovered that there had been no bank robbery and nothing unusual had happened – the men were simply moving property they owned.

The safe in Newark Market Place. (46608384)

Sergeant Rob Harrison of the Newark Neighborhood Policing Team said, “We can assure locals that this was simply the case with a resident moving their personal belongings.

“Officials patrolling the area have looked into those involved and are investigating at the time, and we can confirm that no crime has been committed.”

One of those who discovered the safe was Anni Keene, who took this picture of the safe in the gutter near Boots Opticians.

Anni said, “I was walking down Stodman Street where a JCB had just been stopped by the police when it entered the market square.

“I was wondering if it had anything to do with the previous Nottingham Building Society premises.”