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A Palmyra man arrested after three soldiers were injured in enforcing a Wayne County search warrant faces more charges related to an incident at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital in March.

On March 12, 33-year-old Michael Wiley from Palmyra was charged with fighting a nurse and security guard in the hospital, resulting in injuries. He was being treated in hospital when the incident took place.

The two employees were injured in the incident. For his role in the incident, Wilely was charged on December 3rd with fourth degree criminal harm, third degree assault and second degree harassment.

The new charges came less than two weeks after Wiley was arrested after attacking two soldiers who reacted to his Palmyra residence for failing to show up. He was due to appear for a separate threat and gun charge trial in June.

Mark O’Donnell, public intelligence officer with the New York State Police, told that the third officer was reacting to aiding the two soldiers who attacked Wiley at his Palmyra residence when he crashed – all in all the cruiser.

Wiley was arrested for assault following the incident with the soldiers. He was being held without bail.

Trooper O’Donnell told that the two officers Wiley attacked needed stitches as they were hit with a space heater during the incident.

UPDATE: Three soldiers injured, police cruisers in total executed in Wayne County according to a search warrant

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