The Newark and Sherwood Police Operation Reacher Team took the opportunity today (Saturday) for a first public engagement day.

Reacher officers were in the market.

One official said, “Today was our first 2021 engagement opportunity held at Newark Market Place.

Operation Reacher in Newark Market Place. (46748020)

“We had a lot of interest and questions on all sorts of topics, from Operation Reacher to general questions about police work and whether we are watching Line of Duty!

“It was nice to meet you and we hope to announce more engagement days in the near future.

Operation Reacher in Newark Market Place.  (46748017)Operation Reacher in Newark Market Place. (46748017)

“We traveled a lot working in Newark and Sherwood for Response and Safer Neighborhoods.

“This week we helped our colleagues in Norfolk arrest a man and find an address in Sherwood.

“We issued a drug order in Newark yesterday after the team did their own work and recovered a lot of drugs.

“We have fulfilled our strong commitment to finding property in Nottingham that was part of a large-scale police operation, as well as conducting patrols in Mansfield and Newark to reopen pubs.

“It’s great to see people back on the road and gradually lift the restrictions and we hope to meet you in the near future during our engagement days. Remember you can contact us. OpReacher-N&[email protected] uk “