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Old School RuneScape Mining Guide For Beginners

Jul 29

Mining is an OSRS skill that lets you gather gems and ores to be used in training skills. The items gathered while mining can often bring the player an enormous amount of OSRS GP, making it not only a gathering profession but also one with high potential for profit.

Recommended OSRS Quests For Mining Training

  • The Forsaken Tower
  • Doric's Quest
  • The Giant Dwarf
  • Hero's Quest
  • Plague City
  • Another Slice of H.A.M
  • The Lost Tribe
  • Between a Rock
  • The Digsite
  • Dragon Slayer II
  • Song of the Elves
  • Enakhra's Lament
  • Making Friends with My Arm

Recommended OSRS Items For Leveling Mining

  • Varrock Armour
  • Mining Gloves
  • Prospector Outfit
  • Pickaxe
  • Gem Bag
  • Coal Bag

OSRS Mining Guide For Beginners

Although ill-advised due to slow Exp rates, disregarding questing and mining Copper or Tin ore is the fastest way to begin your Mining journey. The best place for this activity is in Lumbridge Swamp's mine where both types of ores are located. Do not bank any metal unless you're an Ironman; if you do so, it will drastically decrease your Exp rate which can be already quite frustratingly low sometimes.

By completing quests such as Doric's Quest, The Dig Site, Plague City, and more you can get your mining to level 37 without having the slow experience of low-level training.

Learning how to power mine Iron ore can help you level up your mining skills quickly. Power Mining is a technique that involves using three different spots in the game, Al-Kharid, Legends Guild, and Piscatoris Verdant Valley for 45k - 55k experience per hour with no tick manipulation.

As soon as you reach level 60, the Mining Guild is accessible. The guild is located just south of Falador East bank and it's a popular location to power mine due to an invisible +7 boost that benefits players' mining levels. Not only does the guild halves respawn rates for mined rocks but also grants experience rates up to 70k per hour which makes this one incredible place!

The Volcanic Mine Minigame has the highest experience rates for mining of any other minigames, but it is not for everyone. You need to be level 85 mining and have 150 Kudos in order to enter, which includes a fee of 30 Numulites per entry into the mine plus 10 minutes inside before being killed by an erupting volcano if you're late exiting.

The quarry inside the Kharidian Desert offers players three ticks to mine rocks, which is more than enough for someone who wants a higher experience rate when mining. Three tick completion can be achieved by following action with two clicks instead of just one click because it allows you to complete an action faster than if done normally. This tactic requires hours of practice in order to achieve proficiency so I recommend watching guides on how this strategy works before trying anything yourself.