The officers reported numerous traffic offenses and advised others on speed controls in the district.

Nathan Scott of Nottinghamshire Police said the officers were visiting Mickledale Lane, Bilsthorpe, and Lambley Road, Lowdham with their speed gun.

“Three drivers received traffic violations for exceeding 30 mph in a 30-mile zone,” said PC Scott.

Speed ​​camera/

“Two drivers received advice about their speed.

“We’ll be walking this afternoon.

“If there is anywhere anywhere we should take part with the Speed ​​Gun, or if you have any other concerns or questions about our beat, drop me an email at the address below and I’ll get back to you Report.”

The officer said he wanted to hear from residents in the following villages. Bilsthorpe, Farnsfield, Lowdhama and Gunthorpe. PC Scott can be contacted at [email protected]

Newark officials are also keen to hear from residents of the city.

They posted this message on their Facebook page: “Please help us finish this sentence. The Speed ​​Gun team should be too …”

Residents suggested a number of streets including Beacon Hill Road, Bowbridge Road, Hawton Road, Sleaford Road, and Lincoln Road.