NEWARK, Essex County (WABC) – Two Essex County women were arrested for serving alcohol after police received reports of a COVID violation.

Rosa Maintano, 23, and Fanny Camas, 27, both from Irvington, were accused of running an unlicensed liquor factory.

“It’s amazing how people are putting wealth over health again,” said Anthony Ambrose, Newark director of public safety, in a statement. “It’s selfish people like this that keep the spread going.”

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The arrests resulted from complaints from two major parties at the same location over the weekend.

Officers arrived at a building on the 200 block of Verona Avenue late Saturday night and found 150 to 200 people unmasked and drinking beer during a soccer game.

The police arrested Maintano, who allegedly served beer from a concession stand for money without a license. The police confiscated 720 Bud Light Lime beers and 272 Corona beers.

Maintano is accused of running an unlicensed liquor facility, illegal liquor sale, and possession of alcohol.

In a separate incident on Sunday, police responded to a COVID-19 violation complaint at the same address on Verona Avenue.


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