A soccer game between two charities in Newark raised more than £ 1,500.

Real Men Talk and Beaumond House Hospice Care met on the pitch on Station Road in Collingham on Sunday.

It was Real Men Talk’s first landmark fundraiser.

The Real Men Talk Team (47802222)

The charity, founded by Paul Thomas, Nathan King, and Ben Walker during the lockdown, provides free support and activities for those struggling with their mental health.

Ben from Newark organized the soccer game with the help of Zak Edlin, who put together the Beaumond House team.

He said, “It was out of this world – it was everything we hoped for and more.

Real Men Speak Against Beaumond House Hospice (47802208)Real Men Speak Against Beaumond House Hospice (47802208)

“We still had some government restrictions so hosting a full capacity charity was not ideal because we couldn’t open the bar, we couldn’t arrange seating and the like, but it wasn’t a problem on the day and we were over 200 people left.

“To say that our team is made up of ex-rugby players and guys who haven’t played football in a long time was a really good game.

“I have to give Zak a lot of credit for helping us with everything.”

Despite the bar being closed, spectators had the chance to enjoy a cake stand and raffle that raised more than £ 300.

All of the money raised that day went to the mental health charity, with a return match in favor of Beaumond House set to take place over the holiday weekend in August.

Ben said that due to the success of the event, Real Men Talk would participate in football fundraisers against teams from across the country after Simon Ince, owner of LRI Services in Newark, agreed to sponsor a shirt.

“Collingham was wonderful for us and gave us their kit, but it will be great to travel to places like London and Nottingham and take part in charity games in our own kit,” said Ben.

ABOVE: The Real Men Talk (above) and Beaumond House teams will observe a two-minute silence prior to Sunday’s game in Collingham.