Newark, NJ (WABC) – It’s a compliment that many have been long postponed – the first three African American firefighters in Newark were honored on Friday.

William Thomas Jr., Shelton Harris Jr., and the sole survivor, David Lee Bolden, joined the division after serving in the Korean War. When they got home, they wanted to serve their city.

Every man served the city in troubled times, faced racism in the industry, overcame the riots of the 1960s, and formed an association of black firefighters. The compliment was natural.

The fire brigade was named in their honor, and Bolden, now 92, was named a renowned fire chief. He says his job in the department was love work.

All men are considered pioneers and open the door to many others in order to become one of the courageous figures of Newark in undesirable times.

Today you are part of a proud team.

Also on Friday, Newark Mayor Las Baraka and Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara said firefighters are being dispatched from Newark to call first responders and any life-threatening services that require emergency medical care.
Firefighters provide advanced and basic life support services, including heart monitoring and defibrillation, bleeding control, airway cleaning, and early wound care.

The Newark Fire Department also acts as a nearby first aid station, providing basic first aid for minor injuries such as cuts, nosebleeds, and debris.

In addition, new signs will be posted at each Newark Fire Department so that citizens can learn more about the changes.

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Newark’s first three African American firefighters were honored on Friday

Source link The first three Newark African American firefighters were honored on Friday