The great thing about public libraries is that you can borrow books to read and return from the many services and programs on offer. The Rotary Club of Newark is about to initiate Read 4 Life, a book free giving project – to bring FREE books into the hands of organizations and individuals across North Jersey and beyond. Yes, books that are yours and that you must keep.

The impetus for the project comes from an amazing gift from the estate of beloved Newark visionary Edward Muller, former owner of New Jersey Books. The gift consists of around 40,000 books that cover a wide range of topics. The Rotary Club will work with United Way’s My Very Own Library, the Ironbound Salvation Army, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s Beta Alpha Omega Chapter to make these volumes available for distribution. The collection includes hardcover, commercial, and regular paperback formats that complement curricula and lifelong learning at all ages. The club plans to serve as a clearing house and make distribution available through online inventory lists to schools and education authorities in Essex County and beyond, and through other Rotary clubs throughout the region. Titles are available to any organization with computer access and may expand beyond state lines. A practical review and box and carry process will also be available. The club also hopes to distribute through local small businesses like cafes, grocery stores, laundromats, hair salons, and the like. In addition, local public libraries can secure titles for their own collections or for their book sales. The company can therefore serve as a potential fundraiser for local nonprofits who can freely take the books, sell them, and keep the profits. The project is currently in the initial stages of organizing and data entry, however elements are available and inquiries are welcome. Interested organizations AND individuals should email their inquiries to Michael Minor at [email protected] Joe Marino at [email protected] or Joe Casale at [email protected] The Rotary Club of Newark thanks the Berger Group and Fidelco Realty Group for their continued support in this endeavor.