The Newark Rotary Club works with Living Waters for the World to provide clean water, sanitation, and economic development for the Tabi rural community in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

LWW trains volunteers to build and lead water teams who work with communities to install and operate sustainable water treatment systems and health education programs. Since 1993, LWW has shared clean water with over 1,000 communities in 26 countries.

Rotary International focuses on clean water, sanitation, and economic development. This is not the first Newark Rotary water project in the Yucatan area. In 2012 Rotarians installed a water treatment system in Luis Echeverria as part of a global grant with the Rotary Club of Chetumal.

Newark Rotarians were team members who installed an LWW water system in Cedralito in 2011 and most recently in Limones in 2018. For the past four years, the Newark Club has helped Rotarians in Valladolid install drinking fountains for purified water in rural schools.

This is a unique project in collaboration with the local Tabi Ejido, the organization of farmers or foresters who have been granted land for communal use by the Mexican government. An employment contract was signed in November defining the responsibilities for a partnership with this approximately 500-strong forest community. Newark Rotary is raising most of the funds for building materials for the water facility and an adjacent bath facility. The ejidatarios and others in the ward will do the manual labor.

Newark Rotary has received funding from clubs in Canandaigua, Gananda, Palmyra-Macedon, Penn Yan, and Wolcott; East Hartford, Connecticut; Istanbul, Turkey, District 2420; Valladolid Mexico; and a Houston Consortium including Bellaire, Texas.

Rotarians work with the Geneva Presbytery and the Palms Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The team members trained on the LWW’s Clean Water U and the next phase of fundraising will begin this month. Buy a Part gives anyone the opportunity to support the project by purchasing one or more pieces of system equipment or water bottles that will be installed in the water facility this coming February.

The fundraiser runs until August 14th. The names of the donors will be placed on each part purchased during the installation journey. Call 315-447-0276 for information or to join the team, or visit to purchase a part or water bottle.