Members of the Newark Police Department recently participated in Canandaigua PD-sponsored Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Implicit Bias Training for Law Enforcement Officers.

Officials were required to complete the readings, review the videos, and assess the implicit bias before attending the eight-hour session.

Sim Covington Jr., Chief Diversity Officer at Finger Lakes Community College, conducted the training using real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, open discussions, and interactive techniques.

The officers were asked to reflect on their own prejudices, triggers, barriers and terminology and to understand their effects. Covington then recommended best practices to understand, identify, minimize, and combat implicit biases to ensure that all community members are treated fairly.

Participants said the training exceeded their expectations, was presented in an engaging style, and stimulated thoughts on how they could do their job differently.

Sim Covington Jr. of Finger Lakes Community College is helping police officers learn to fight their own prejudice during a Canandaigua Police Department-sponsored training course.