Georgia activists are calling for a Coca-Cola boycott until the company condemns the GOP’s electoral restrictions

Activists in Georgia are calling for a statewide boycott of Coca-Cola until the company speaks out against measures that would restrict electoral access, the Atlanta Journal’s Constitution reported a statement that it supports a “balanced approach to electoral law adopted at this meeting in Georgian legislation, “adding,” The ultimate goal should be fair, safe elections, where access to voting is broad and inclusive. ” with Axios Markets about the latest market trends and economic insights. But activists say the measures being taken by Georgian lawmakers are far from fair – and are expanding the expansion of access to voting, which disproportionately affects people of color. The efforts of Georgian GOP lawmakers come after the state turns blue in 2020 for President Biden and 2021 for Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The big picture: The Coca-Cola boycott is part of a broader campaign to pressure Georgia’s top corporations to speak out about voting rights. “Last summer, Coke and other companies said they had to speak out against racism. But they kept quiet about it,” organizer Bishop Reginald Jackson told the AJC. Jackson added, “If Coca-Cola wants black and brown people to drink their product, they must speak up when our rights, lives and democracy as we know them are attacked.” Like this article? Get more from Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free.