Newark Neighbors and Niagara at the Lake Rotary Club have teamed up to replenish the charity’s dwindling pantry.

The proceeds from the thrift store are usually used to fund the grocery bank, but the recent nationwide stay-at-home order has resulted in nothing coming in from the thrift store, so the grocery bank’s inventory has continued to decline.

Cindy Grant, manager of Newark Neighbors, says although the thrift store has been closed since December 2020, the grocery bank is still open to registered customers two days a week.

“This city is very generous; We had a tremendous response to our Christmas project, but in the months between Christmas and spring, our grocery bank ran out of supplies. So we decided to do this “porch pickup” food ride with the local Rotary club, ”she added.

Grant said that after placing an ad in the local newspaper asking for food donations, 135 people came forward to help. Once your donations are collected by NOTL Rotary Club volunteers, they will be returned to the Newark Neighbors location for sorting.

“They drive around picking up (the donations) and delivering them to us while our volunteers label them, date them, and keep them in our pantry. So far we’ve got a great response, ”added Grant.

The event will take place this Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm and the project will help support the significant increase in registered customers the charity has received over the past eight months.

“We put the food we needed on the ad and people were paying attention so we get whatever we asked for. It’s great, ”she added.

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