NEWARK – The following people have been charged with criminal offenses in Licking County’s Common Pleas Court.

Frankie L. Cunningham Sr., 51, last known address 2965 Gratiot Road SE, Newark, charged with three rapes, all first degree crimes; and two cases of gross sexual imposition, both crimes of the third degree.

Between October 26, 2018 and March 18, 2021, April 14, 2019 and March 30, 2021, Cunningham was suspected of engaging in sexual behavior and sexual contact with another person under the age of 13. and between March 18 and 19, Cunningham was prosecuted to be suspected of sexually engaging someone under the age of 13.

Jeffrey R. Or Jr., 36, last known address 13409 Lafeyette Road, Utica, charged with receiving a census of stolen property, a fourth-degree crime; increased possession of methamphetamine, a second degree crime; increased trafficking in methamphetamine, a second-degree crime; and failure to comply with the police officer’s order or signal, a third degree crime.

Between December 14th and March 11th, Oder was suspected of obtaining, keeping, or disposing of someone else’s property because he knew or had reason to believe that the property was obtained through a crime of theft. and on March 11, Oder was suspected of having and distributing methamphetamine or preparing to distribute it and operating a vehicle to intentionally escape or escape a police officer after receiving a visual or audible signal to stop would have.

Justin R. Scott, 33, last known address 989 Lawnview Ave., Newark, was charged with taking evidence at a time, a third-degree crime; increased possession of methamphetamine, a fifth-degree crime; and possession of a fentanyl-related compound, a fifth degree crime.

On February 8, Scott was charged with suspicion of manipulating evidence containing methamphetamine and a compound related to fentanyl.

Richard D. Brewer, 54, last known address 2622 Mt. Vernon Road, Newark, was charged with one count per telecommunication harassment, a fifth-degree crime. and aggravated threat, a first degree offense.

Between December 29 and January 13, Brewer was suspected of knowingly establishing or causing telecommunications, or knowingly allowing telecommunications to be established from one device under his control to another. and to cause another to believe that he is causing serious physical harm to the person or their property, their unborn child, or any member of their immediate family under the indictment.

Devan M. Luckeydoo, 19, last known address 105 Wing St., Newark, charged with one count per kidnapping, a third degree crime; and domestic violence, a fourth degree offense.

On March 25, Luckeydoo was suspected of restricting another’s freedom in circumstances that put the person at risk of physical harm or frightened the other. and knowingly induce any member of the family or household to believe that he or she is directly causing physical harm to the family or household member under the indictment.

James D. Gallina, 71, last known address 13820 National Road SW, Reynoldsburg, was charged with obstruction of business, a fifth degree crime.

On March 25, Gallina was charged with suspicion of obstructing official business.

Nathanual T. Lane, 38, last known address 65 Weston Road, Apartment H1, Newark, charged with two crimes, both second degree crimes; and domestic violence, a first degree offense.

On March 26, Lane was suspected of knowingly inflicting or attempting physical harm to another or an unborn human with a lethal weapon or dangerous ordinance, and of knowingly trying to inflict physical harm on a family or household member.

Andre M. Clarke, 26, last known address, 7719 Blackburn Ct., Reynoldsburg, charged with two types of non-compliance with an order or a police officer’s signal, both crimes of the third degree; and a count of the mishandling of firearms in a motor vehicle, a fourth degree crime; and stopping on public roads or highways after an accident is a first degree offense.

On March 27, Clarke was suspected of deliberately operating a vehicle to escape or escape a police officer after receiving a visual or audible signal to stop. knowingly carry or have a loaded firearm in a vehicle accessible to the operator or a passenger without leaving the vehicle; and not stop after the indictment, according to the indictment.

Robert D. Stufflebean, 42, last known address 422 N. 11th St., Newark, was charged with theft, a fifth degree felony.

On March 30, Stufflebean was charged with stealing property or services.

Brady T. Anderson, 41, last known address 7567 Dorsey Mill Road, Newark, was charged on two counts of aggravated possession of methamphetamine, a fifth degree crime; and four fentanyl-related compound possession counts, two fourth-degree crimes and two fifth-degree crimes.

On September 17 and March 14, Anderson was suspected of having methamphetamine; and on January 5, January 22, February 23 and March 4, Anderson was charged with suspected of having a fentanyl-related compound.