Federal Office Building Peter W. Rodino at 940 Broad St. in Newark, New Jersey. Photo: Jim Henderson via Wikimedia Commons

A federal judge refused to oversee the implementation of COVID-19 security measures at the Newark Immigration Court after a lawyer practicing there died and another was infected.

U.S. District Judge John Michael Vazquez on Friday denied a motion by the American Immigration Lawyers Association to establish a plan to introduce remote videoconferencing in Newark Court, ruling that immigration lawyers were not entitled to injunctive relief.

Backstory: One attorney is dead, another infected while calling for COVID-19 protective measures in Newark Court

However, Vazquez also denied a motion by lawyers from the Immigration Examination Executive Bureau to dismiss the case as disputed in light of the judicial enforcement of videoconferencing. Instead, he left the door open for the parties to return to court if measures to protect lawyers from COVID-19 are not implemented.