Campaign soccer fan Steve Crane said he was disappointed that Newark MP Robert Jenrick did not respond directly to his call for help regarding the housing situation at the Lowfields site.

Mr Crane sent a letter to Mr Jenrick after Newark FC, the city’s senior football club, was forced to leave Lowfields, Balderton after being priced by the landowner.

Mr. Crane told the advertiser that he felt that Mr. Jenrick had kept quiet on the matter.

Petition organizer Steve Crane at the gates of Newark FC in Lowfields. (45889647)

However, Mr. Jenrick’s office said Robert was not silent on the matter.

A spokesman said: “Mr Crane’s open letter was addressed to Robert in his capacity as Secretary of State requesting him to intervene as Secretary of State.

“So a response would come from the ministers’ office, not his MPs, and the rules are clear that to avoid a conflict of interest this would be handled by one of the other ministers on his team.

“Robert sent the letter to another minister asking for her answer.

“A reply dated May 25th has now been sent to Mr. Crane by Minister Eddie Hughes MP.”