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The Newark Central School District announced this week that it is remote.

The decision means the schools will be out of the way until the vacation break begins.

The decision was made due to an increase in COVID cases.

The district said in a letter that the number of students and staff in quarantine is approaching 200.

Read the full statement from the district leaders:

“I very much regret sharing this decision with our families. The district will move to a full remote / virtual schedule
Start Wednesday, December 16 and continue until Tuesday, December 22.
The district continues to see increased positive COVID-19 results for staff and students with the corresponding dramatic result
Increase in the number of employees and students being quarantined. Although we have been told that schools are not the main source
With the spread of COVID-19, the resulting contacts leading to quarantines have risen to unacceptable levels and are still increasing
how I prepare this announcement.

In one final attempt today to see if we might be able to stay open, we waited for some test results for an employee of
Lincoln School, which arrived in the early afternoon. Unfortunately the results were not favorable. The employee tested
positive, which resulted in 47 students and six other employees being quarantined in two different buildings tomorrow. We already had
began to have difficulties filling the middle school, where currently almost 40 students and 8 staff do not
available due to COVID related issues. As of the beginning of the week, we now have 60 students quarantined in high school
with several employees who cannot work due to COVID. The Kelley School and Perkins School together have 28 at this point
Students and staff affected. Unfortunately, these numbers are growing day by day.

This decision to go virtual was not made ruthlessly or without consideration for the family impact. That was a
joint decision with building and district administrators in numerous meetings starting this weekend and
Continued for the last two days. Each time the conversations focused on how to stay safe and open with one
Educational purpose. We have also taken into account the many messages from our political leaders and heads of the Ministry of Health
that stressed schools are the safest places when it comes to the spread of the virus.

However, these messages do not solve problems related to the required quarantine, which reduces the available staff, which is not easy
Replacement for amid the pandemic. When we moved on to 200 employees and students from our personal school option
Quarantine due to COVID – along with other necessary staff absences every day not related to COVID, and some parents already
District workers are advised that due to COVID, they will not allow their children to go to school before the vacation – that was it
Time for someone to make a call, and understandably it had to be me.

So, I thought about this topic as I have done so many times during my administrative career. I thought of my own children and
Grandchildren and what I want to do for them when I know what I know about our current situation. I didn’t feel like I was trying
Pushing forward and “weathering the storm” was the smartest and safest thing to do. I am really sorry that I made a decision
sure to cause trouble in so many homes in Newark. Each of your builders will be here to help you with our move
I urge you to contact them if you need any help with your children’s virtual learning. “

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