A Newarker sports filmmaker uses his expertise to capture every mile of his 1,000 mile solo charity drive, documenting his ups and downs in physical and mental health over ten days.

32-year-old Jason Croxall has filmed sporting events around the world, including Formula 1 and Moto GP. An avid cyclist, he decided to document his own event and ride one-hand over 1,000 miles unassisted for the Mind charity from Land’s End to John O’Groats. It starts tomorrow (Saturday, May 15th).

Jason, who himself suffered from mental health problems due to the pandemic, was very much aware of the increasing number of people with poor mental wellbeing. He felt that by challenging himself and documenting his journey, he could inspire others to move on a little further and not be afraid of it.

Filmmaker Jason Croxall. (47161782)

With the technology and expertise, Jason will capture his journey using on-bike cameras and a geolocating drone camera operated from his handlebars. The drone will continue to orbit Jason while he rides his bike, shooting in the process as he offers breathtaking views on what is a pretty amazing journey.

Not happy with the challenge of riding the traditional charity route, Jason wanted to explore his own wellbeing by going to the campsite every night to push his limits. That way, Jason can reflect on and capture each of the ten days that he drives roughly 100 miles a day.

Jason's bike.  (47161772)Jason’s bike. (47161772)

Jason said, “I got into fitness, running, and biking as an escape. It made me feel better. It boosted my sanity and, frankly, is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

“So many of my friends and family members, including myself, have had mental health problems and it is really something that needs support and talk about. I still firmly believe that this trip made a difference if I can use my experience and this trip to show people what we can achieve and how to deal with certain situations. “

Jason wants to turn the footage into a sports documentary after the ride is over. and recovery. Once completed, it will work with a number of partners to further spread the content and news.

A drone records footage.  (47161778)A drone records footage. (47161778)

Jason concluded, “While the ride will be amazing and really test me, I want to share it with many more people who are about to do something incredible but need that final nudge. If this film can help, maybe it can help me sleep better in rain, wind, and probably snow as well. “

If members of the public would like to donate to Jason’s fund for Mind’s mental health charity, they can visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jason-croxall