Put your credit card and green vacation list aside, Newark is likely to be hotter this week than the Canary Islands.

The residents of the Newark and Sherwood areas are prepared for a balmy rest of the week and weekend.

And it won’t stop there – Monday looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day too.

A woman sunbathes while reading a book.

Wednesday June 2nd

Sunny weather all day long with highs of 25 ° C to be partly cloudy at night.

Thursday June 3rd

Sunny intervals throughout the day with temperatures of up to 23 ° C, which are partly cloudy at night.

Summer temperatures.Summer temperatures.

Friday 4th June

Although it is not as hot as the days before, it is sunny all day long with highs of 21 ° C.

Saturday 5th June

Sunny weather will dominate the day as temperatures are expected to reach 21 ° C to be partially cloudy at night.

Sunday June 6th

Temperatures reach up to 21 ° C again and become cloudy in the afternoon.

Monday June 7th

Despite some clouds in the late morning, there will be some sun with highs of 21 ° C.