A supermarket has partnered with Newark Foodbank.

Morrisons has set up a donation box for customers in their store.

The partnership between the supermarket and the food bank started a month ago and the box has already been filled twice.

Customer First – Community Champion Lindsey Edwards leads the initiative in Newark.

Lindsey has been in her role for three years, but two months ago Morrisons increased her hours from eight to 20.

LR Ms. Jenni Harding – PR and Fundraising Coordinator for Newark Food Bank, Ms. Lindsey Edwards – Morrisons Community Champion

Lindsey said, “The increase in hours obviously means I can get more involved. That gives me another level of flexibility.”

The customer’s role as the first community champion is currently being tested in Morrison’s stores across the country.

The aim is to improve the relationship between the supermarket and the community.

Lindsey said, “It’s great to have a food bank in the local community.

“Just seeing how much was donated in the first month shows how united we are and how great everyone is when we all pull together.”

Jenni Harding at Newark Foodbank said they tried for years to get Morrisons on board.

Jenni said, “They are great to work with. Every item donated is very much appreciated.

“The box here is a lot bigger than some of our other locations and it’s great that it’s full.”

So far, the usual items such as pasta and canned vegetables as well as hygiene articles and shower gel have been donated.

An updated list of the Newark Foodbanks required can be found at https://newark.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/.