During the redesign and overhaul of Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, New Jersey, the designers had to create a safe, yet attractive barrier for the airport’s power transformer. The main considerations were; to hide the unsightly transformer equipment visually, to withstand wind loads, to be safe and not climbable and to offer the airport visitors an attractive aspect.

The lower parts of the perimeter wall are precast concrete that was used by the design team Omega 1510 from GKD Metal mesh to lengthen the upper part. Omega 1510 Mesh fabric was chosen because the 35% open area meets wind load requirements, while the stainless steel material is durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions and vandalism. A layer of sophistication is added to the metal mesh that includes etched super graphics. This weatherproof, durable, and fade resistant graphic ensures that the screen continues to look good for the life of the building.

Project data:

Place: Newark, New Jersey, USA
Architect: The New York and New Jersey Port Authority
Graphics consultant: Pentagram
Metal mesh: Omega1510