Newark storefront from Meatball Obsession. Photo by Chris Fry / Jersey Digs.

A casual eatery with old world recipes will soon settle in a historic store as the Newark food renaissance continues to hum.

Meatball Obsession opened its first location in Greenwich Village back in 2012. The restaurant uses recipes from the Mancini family and slowly cooks its meatballs and serves them in what is known as “Sunday sauce”. The kitchen is aimed at people who are on the go and are filled in a cup with dip bread or in a tailor-made Italian pocket bread.

Since its inception, the restaurant has expanded to four locations in New York City and Massachusetts, including one in Fenway Park. Two Ohio stores are also in the works, but their Garden State outpost will soon open at 41 Halsey Street in downtown Newark, almost directly across from the newly opened Marcus B&P.

The star of the meatball obsession is evident, and the restaurant offers beef, turkey, and pork versions of Italian staples. The toppings for their meatballs include various pastas, vegetables, and cheeses, as well as cannolis for dessert.

Additionally, the restaurant’s newest spot will feature some local torches as they ran a competition on their Facebook page asking the public to come up with a Newark-centric topping. The winning pick was The Shaq Ataq, named after Shaquille O’Neal of Brick City, who played basketball at the Boys & Girls Club in Newark as a teenager. The Shaq Ataq will consist of a meatball with noodle rings, symbolizing both basketball hoops and the NBA championship rings it has won.

Signage is already available at the future Meatball Obsession, with an opening ceremony this week on January 4th.