A woman who allegedly started a fatal shootout in northern Guernsey County last year was convicted by jury on Thursday of three complicity in the commission of a crime.

Katelyn M. Null, 27, was convicted of complicity in murder, an unclassified crime. Complicity in involuntary manslaughter, a crime of the first degree; and complicity in a criminal attack, a second degree crime.

“As I told the jury, she set the wheels in motion,” Guernsey County Attorney Lindsey Angler said of Null’s role in the death of 29-year-old Alexander Anderson on August 23, 2020.

The Newark resident was pronounced dead at the Zion Road crime scene.

Warrant issued in murder investigation

Complicity in the manslaughter charge was a lesser offense for complicity in complicity in a serious murder, an unclassified crime.

Angler said Null was jailed 15 years ago when he was convicted in Guernsey County’s Common Pleas Court at 3 p.m. on May 12.

Before the trial began, prosecutors dismissed four offenses against zero. There were three cases of conspiracy to commit serious murder and have a handicapped weapon.

“We determined before the trial that we could not prove these crimes at this point,” said Angler of the charges that were returned before she took office.

Murder suspect arrested by US marshals in West Virginia

During the trial, prosecutors called several witnesses and presented evidence, while Zanesville’s defense attorney Mark E. Kaido did not call any witnesses.

The trial was held at the Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center to allow for social distancing.

A trial of the alleged shooter in Anderson’s death is due to begin on June 14.

Jacob Russell Harper, 26, of Newcomerstown, faces one count of serious homicides with a three-year firearms specification; Murder with a three year gun spec; and improper use of firearms in a motor vehicle, a fourth degree crime.

Jacob Harper

A five-day trial against Harper scheduled for April 19 was canceled by the court after the defendant was notified that he was about to accept a negotiated plea.

The grand jury names three related to death

Harper later told the court that he did not want to accept the plea agreement and that a new hearing was scheduled for June. A final status check is scheduled for May 27th.

Harper was indicted by a grand jury in Guernsey County on October 8, 2020.

Harper was arrested by the United States Marshal’s Service in West Virginia after allegedly escaping the state following the shooting. He was extradited back to Ohio and remains imprisoned in Guernsey County Jail.

A second co-defendant, Kasey R. Means, 25, formerly of Coshocton, made a negotiated guilty plea against an obstructionist count, a third-degree crime, on Jan. 27.

Kasey means

The court ordered a preliminary investigation and continued her hearing until a later date. The date was not published.

Guernsey County MPs tracked down Anderson after the shooting was brought to their attention by a 911 caller who said her friend had been shot. She was reportedly able to escape the scene using Anderson’s vehicle.