Mayor Fulop and the city council announced on Feb. 9 that Jersey City’s Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza will receive a $ 6.7 million upgrade. The draft includes several public sessions to include community input. The project was an open public offer. At this week’s meeting on February 10, a resolution to award a contract to JC Contracting Inc. will be presented to the city council. Read on to find out more about plans to upgrade Jersey City’s Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza.

The renovation plans

Improvements include granite paving stones to replace the green-painted asphalt and raise the street level to match the pavement and create a “more cohesive structure” with better accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs. Decorative trench drains will line the existing curb, tree planters for the rain garden will be installed, and cafe lighting will be added for better visibility. According to the press release, a stage area will also be set up for community events.

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What city officials say

Newark Avenue Plaza renovation 2021

“The creation of the pedestrian zone was a risk that our administration took in their first choice as there was a significant setback. However, I think that over time it has become clear to everyone that the changes we made there attracted more people and opened more businesses. and created a destination for visitors and residents, ”Mayor Fulop said of the press release.

“This is a great move by the mayor. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The sooner we start the better, ”said Rachel Sieg, Executive Director of the Historic Downtown Special Improvement District. “We look forward to the start of construction. With the pandemic, this will only help our local businesses. I am grateful that the mayor pushed this through so that our struggling restaurants and companies can benefit from it faster and recover. “

The development of the pedestrian zone

Newark Ave pedestrian mall

The Pedestrian Plaza development began in 2015 as a pilot program to provide a safe place for locals to walk and eat. After a lot of success, the Plaza was expanded by another block in 2018. It was then expanded further to Grove Street between Montgomery Street and Christopher Columbus Drive and 1st Street and Newark Avenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Other major improvements in Jersey City neighborhoods

The upgrade of the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza follows two other major projects in Jersey City on Central Avenue and West Side Avenue. The Central Avenue improvement project includes a parking deck with 400 spaces and a 10,000-square-foot pedestrian mall that encourages efforts to revitalize the business corridor and develop an open public space for community events. This project includes the reconstruction of curb ramps at all corners, curb extensions, ADA compliant ramps, new sidewalks, new lighting, drainage improvements and signage improvements. Other improvements include the installation of iron benches and rubbish bins, as well as additional tree planting, the press release said.

The West Side Avenue improvement project includes new underground sewer infrastructure to reduce pollution of our local waterways and reduce local flooding. On the ground floor, the streetscape from Broadway to Sip Avenue will be significantly redesigned with additional tree planting and various green infrastructure installations to absorb and beautify rainwater throughout the shopping district. Future phases of the project will extend the improvements further south to Ward A.

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