The demand from companies that require covid-compliant outdoor space has resulted in an increase in the work for a landscape architect’s office.

Influence, with offices in Millgate, Newark, has seen a surge in commercial inquiries as a result of the pandemic.

The chartered landscape architect and environmental planner recorded an increase in live projects of 20% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Sara Boland and Shona Hatton (42836377)

Sara Boland, Owner and General Manager of Influence, said, “In an incredibly challenging time around the world, Influence has made a positive contribution as the workload has increased.

“The pandemic has made significant changes to the way we move around in public outdoor spaces forever, and this has resulted in increased demand for constructions with security measures.

“We have always been very busy, but since we offer both planning and construction services, we receive more inquiries about new schemes as well as our existing projects that need to be adjusted.

“The changes will be subtle, not abrasive, but clear and the norm for generations to come.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team, which worked particularly hard during this time and at the same time coped with the usual pressures of working from home.”

Influence was founded in 2008 and is a finalist in the Newark Business Awards. The company offers specialized landscape architecture, urban planning, environmental planning and experts.

The introduction of social distancing measures means that the demands on the development of outdoor public spaces have increased. Specific measures are now required in public areas to ensure the safety of users.

Examples of the design changes Influence is currently working on include wider walkways, more seat spacing, and a greater focus on placemarking areas.