NEWARK, NJ – The following news release was kindly provided by Newark Emergency Services for Families. Learn more about posting announcements or events on your local patch site.

Newark Family Emergency Services (NESF) will celebrate World Homeless Day with an outreach in Newark, New Jersey. NESF Day of Service is an event sponsored by Newark Emergency Services for Families and co-sponsored by Newark Central Ward Councilwoman LaMonica McIver. The event takes place on Friday, October 9th, 10 am-2pm in Lincoln Park, Newark.

The NESF has brought together multiple service providers and community organizations to recognize World Homeless Day by providing goods and services, information and resources to our residents of Newark City without an address. The NESF will provide groceries, clothing, haircuts, toiletries, and information on the NESF’s various programs and services, including housing assistance program, rental support, work readiness, job placement, counseling, and the homeless drop-in center that offers showers. Laundry service, hot meal placement, and case management for residents without addresses.

“The services offered on World Homeless Day are the same as we offer every day,” said Amina Bey, executive director of Newark Emergency Services for Families.

Ms. Bey said: “We felt it was important to come together as a collective – as a community of organizations to solve the problem of homelessness in our city.”

World Homeless Day is a global event that takes place every October 10th. She brings individuals together to find ways to change the lives of the homeless in their community. It is also a time to raise awareness of the needs of the homeless at the local level. Around 150 million people around the world have no homes. The NESF works with the following agencies to provide services such as housing, medical check-ups, HIV / AIDS testing, substance abuse treatment, food and counseling during the NESF Service Day.

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