This has become an important weekly effort that provides necessities and fellowship.

Video transcript

– – A food distribution event is held in Newark to help hundreds of people in need.

– – “Eyewitness News” reporter Toni Yates is right there with the latest news for us. Toni?

TONI YACHTS: Joe, Shirleen, you missed it. I can literally tell you that about 20 minutes ago this huge food distribution was going on down Elizabeth Avenue. And the staff that were out here were so happy because they really feel good about what they are doing. And the people who came to get the food were just happy and happy about the help.

– – Here we go.

TONI YACHTS: Newark has consistently tried to make sure no one goes hungry. Not in the city, not with their neighbors.

– – The turnout was incredible. I mean, we see the need. There are great numbers of people, not just for Newark, but also for the surrounding area. Irvington. We had a wife from Millburn today who came here just to get food.

TONI YACHTS: This is along Elizabeth Avenue where Newark Police have closed part of the street. People drove up to get boxes of food.

– – I think it’s a good thing It’s great that you are helping the community.

– – I find it amazing that they do that for the people out there. Absolutely. It was urgently needed.

TONI YACHTS: This has become an important weekly effort that conveys needs and the spirit of the community.


Dawn Hayes: Today there is a box of apples. And if it’s not apples, there are fresh strawberries. There are chickens, corn dogs. There is milk, eggs and cheese. We just know the importance of bringing it to our residents who may have food insecurities. And it’s really hard at that time. And it shows the camaraderie in our city and how important it is for us to take care of each other.

TONI YACHTS: All right. Did you see the cops dance out here? Everyone literally danced. They love what they do to help this community. The next food distribution is tomorrow in the East Ward. For now–