The streets in Newark and towards town came to a standstill when the barriers at Castle Station level crossing went down on Monday.

The barriers were down for more than an hour before the bug was fixed and the cars were queuing.

A bystander said the police had come to direct traffic. The traffic was finally cleared in the late afternoon.

Many readers visited the advertiser’s Facebook page to express their anger at the situation, which has been described as ridiculous.

Martyn Cox said the functionality of the barrier needs to be investigated.

He said, “It has left the whole city bogged down again. Companies try to reopen after the worst 12 months imaginable and then traffic comes to a complete halt. “

Another reader, Vicki Leek, called for a new physical inspection of the barriers as a solution to the increasing number of problems.

Vicki said, “Why they ever got rid of the man who made them in his signal box is a mystery to me. Has never failed in the years he’s been doing it. It costs less to pay a man’s wages than if an engineer comes out every two seconds when he’s stuck. “

At a meeting in February, Network Rail apologized for the shortcomings in the barriers along the railway line.

It said it was taking the situation seriously and had promised to make improvements.