Rural households and businesses in Newark and Sherwood are being asked to claim a new grant that enables faster broadband.

The UK Gigabit Broadband Voucher Program was announced on March 19, 2021 and provides micro-grants of up to £ 1,500 for households and £ 3,500 for businesses in the hardest-to-reach rural areas.

The program is part of the government’s commitment to deliver lightning-fast, reliable gigabit-enabled broadband to everyone in the UK as soon as possible, and to work with broadband providers to accelerate their commercial development plans and ensure that no rural area is left behind.


David Lloyd, chairman of the Newark and Sherwood District Council, said, “There are still places in our district where internet speed issues are due to their rural location. This new system will help those who are hard to reach and ensure they have super fast broadband speeds like the rest of the UK.

“I encourage any business or household in a rural area where your broadband speed is less than 100 Mbps to apply for the program.

“As more services become available online, fast broadband speeds are critical. We need to make sure that people in rural areas are not left behind and have as much access to the Internet as people in big cities.”

Since the system was launched in 2018, vouchers have been a key tool in encouraging suppliers to connect some of the UK’s hardest-to-reach premises.

To date, the UK’s gigabit broadband voucher program has allocated more than £ 137 million to support gigabit connectivity for more than 72,000 households and small to medium-sized businesses.

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