Essex County’s Executive Joseph DiVincenzo Jr. and Essex County’s Board of Chosen Freeholders will host an emergency food distribution event on Thursday, September 10th at Essex County’s Donald M. Payne Sr. School of Technology in Newark organize to help families affected by the coronavirus.

The 1,000 boxes of groceries that are being distributed are intended to benefit families who have become unemployed and cannot afford groceries. The residents receive a box with non-perishable food and a box with fresh produce.

It will be held as follows:

  • Thursday 10th September 2020
  • 9 am
  • Donald M. Payne, Senior School of Technology, Essex County, 498-544 West Market Street, Newark, New Jersey (Enter South 11th Street at the end of the school on Gould Avenue)

It is held RAIN or SHINE.

“The coronavirus has forced enormous numbers of people out of work, creating food insecurity for residents who now have limited or no income,” DiVincenzo said. “We are excited to present this emergency food distribution event to help those in need. The coronavirus has created uncertainty and unforeseen challenges for all of us.”

“We hope this emergency food distribution helps the families who are struggling,” DiVincenzo said, adding that additional emergency food distribution events are scheduled weekly.

“The coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted our communities in many ways,” said Brendan Gill, president of Freeholder. “Unfortunately, in the past few months there has been an increasing number of Essex County residents who need help to provide food for their families. To this end, I am pleased to announce that further distribution events are being held with the county administration Food will be held in communities across the county. I take great pride in providing service to our residents, and I hope that the upcoming food distribution events will enable more needy Essex residents to receive assistance. “

“The Essex County’s food distribution event held at the Brook Park Branch in late April was a huge success,” said Wayne Richardson, vice president of Freeholder. “We have been able to distribute over 2,000 boxes of groceries to residents in need. Our aim is to repeat this success in cities across Essex County, and to enable all of our residents to have groceries in one place close by, thank the.” District administration for the implementation of this plan and encourage all residents in need to participate over the next few months. “

Residents driving to the construction site should enter South 11th Street on Gould Avenue. Left turns from Gould Avenue to South 11th Street are not permitted. Residents waiting to enter the property should line up along Sussex Avenue / Gould Avenue before turning right on South 11th Street. Residents driving to the construction site should stay in their vehicles with the windows up and open their trunk when they reach the distribution point.

Residents going to the construction site should come to a walk-through location on the sidewalk in front of Payne School on 9th Avenue. Residents going to the construction site must wear a face mask / covering and follow social distancing guidelines. It is recommended that residents who go to the construction site bring a cart. The boxes weigh about 40 pounds.

Residents who drive or walk are asked not to arrive at the construction site until 8 a.m. This is done to allow normal traffic flow through the area and to prevent traffic safety from occurring.

The non-perishable item box contains enough groceries to hold around 40 meals. They consist of a variety of non-perishable foods such as oatmeal, rice, fruit, peanut butter, jelly, long-life milk and canned vegetables, chilli, soup, and ravioli. Items may vary based on availability. Volunteers put an emergency food box in every vehicle or on every climb.

Buses are not allowed to enter.

Patch has partnered with Feeding America to help raise awareness of the millions of Americans who are starving. Feeding America, which supports 200 food banks across the country, estimates that by 2020 more than 54 million Americans will not have enough nutritious foods to eat due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a social patch project. Feeding America receives 100 percent of donations. Find out how to donate in your community or find a pantry near you.

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