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The annual Celebrity Chefs’ Celebration takes place from April 18th to 25th in a hybrid format.

Local chefs will virtually team up with their celebrity colleagues.

Instead of a central location for guests, the “Benefits Meals on Wheels” event uses local restaurants with take-away or take-away meals as well as beer, wine and cocktail options.

The Celebrity Chefs Celebration includes access to a virtual program that offers the opportunity to interact with the local and guest celebrity chefs, as well as a mixology tutorial.

Participating restaurants

  • Bardea food & drink
  • Buckley’s tavern
  • Ciro food & drink
  • Harry’s savoy cabbage grill
  • To the bank

Meals on Wheels Delaware is a nonprofit meal support program serving seniors across the state.

Some props for the 1776 steakhouse

The 1776 steakhouse on the Coastal Highway outside Rehoboth was recognized by the Cheapism website as one of 50 steakhouses under the radar steakhouses among locations in the country.

Despite being labeled on a place known as Cheapism, 1776 isn’t cheap, although its prices are on par with other steakhouses.

The Cheapism list is worth a look as it appears to have kept the chains out of the ranking and focused on independents.

In fact, 1776 is pretty well known among diners as it has long been held at a beach restaurant market where steakhouses have come and gone.

So far, the two major gun restaurant groups on the Sussex coast, SoDel and Big Fish, haven’t moved into the steakhouse niche whose challenges are securing the best cuts of beef.

Arena is checking out

Arena plans to close its Newark location on East Main Street.

The company continues to operate half a dozen restaurants with a unique delicatessen and bar concept.

Newark restaurants and other businesses struggled with fewer students on the University of Delaware campus this fall, and mostly virtual cases that fall.

The pond is scheduled to open in April

According to a social media post, the pond will open on April 5th at the former TGI Fridays site at Seacoast Plaza on the Coastal Highway.

The long-standing Rehoboth Beach restaurant moved out of the beach town after almost 40 years.