A toolkit to support companies in the food and beverage sector has been launched.

The pandemic has created difficult times for the food and beverage businesses in Newark and Sherwood.

As restrictions are expected to be relaxed this month in line with the government’s roadmap for the lockdown and as part of a commitment to support local businesses, Nottinghamshire County Council has launched a new toolkit to help food and beverage businesses across the county to support.

Coffee shop.

From startups to established companies, the toolkit is aimed at all companies across the supply chain – including growers, farmers, manufacturers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and restaurants.

John Knight, chairman of covid-19’s Resilience, Restoration and Renewal Committee, said, “Without a doubt, the lockdown has sparked a new level of community spirit and rekindled the collective desire for local products and in support of local businesses,” he said.

“The toolkit provides tips and guidance to help businesses focus more on the region and make the most of the assets we have here in Nottinghamshire.”

Developed with the support of the Food and Drink Forum and local businesses, the toolkit includes tips and tricks on how to get more local, seasonal menus, advice on social media and marketing, case studies, and guides on where businesses can get more support and resources.

For more information and to download the toolkit, visit www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/foodanddrinktoolkit