A New York State man patted a fellow passenger on a flight from Denver to Newark.

Ryan Manuella, 28, of Erie County, “moved to an empty seat in the center next to a passenger sitting in a window seat late last week,” reigning US attorney Rachael A. Honig said Monday.

Honey said Manuella, who the woman didn’t know, “then touched her groin and inner thigh without her permission,” Honey said.

Manuella was charged with domestic violence in Nevada last year.

The Cheektowaga resident also got into a fight with a private security officer in 2017 who later died of a heart attack at an event in Lancaster, NY.

Police found that the attack was not related to the scuffle and accused Manuella of harassment, records show.

After a video conference on Monday, a judge from the US District Court in Newark ordered Manuella to be arrested for abusive sexual contact on an airplane.

Honey attributed the investigators and the arrest to FBI special agents and Port Authority police.

U.S. assistant attorney Hayden M. Brockett of her Newark Anti-Fraud Healthcare Division is handing the case over, she said.

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