Raising awareness of the joys of heavy horses

A ball is planned to increase appreciation and awareness of Shire horses.

It is slated for the Newark Showground on September 18th by the Shire Horse enthusiast Judith Rak from Farndon.

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Heavy horses are now considered a rare breed in the UK.

“I wanted to bring like-minded people together, raise awareness and joyfully share the mutual appreciation for the heavy horse,” said Judith.

“I own a Shire and a Clydesdale myself. It sounds pretty cheesy, but they are my ultimate world and my best friend.

“I’m so passionate about them and the lifestyle I have with them that I just want to share it with other people.

“So much has been canceled with covid that it’s just an opportunity to give people something to look forward to while raising some money for the charities.”

The Heavy Horse Appreciation Ball includes a three-course meal, a live band and a speech by David Curtis, whose horse won the coveted “Horse of the Year” award in 2017.

The event’s money will be split between the Shire, Percheron, Clydesdale and Suffolk Punch Societies.

For more information, visit the Heavy Horse Appreciation Ball Facebook page at https://fb.me/e/3HoJWrH6g